Looking for an effective PR consultancy?

For many years Birmingham has held the prestigious reputation as the city of a thousand trades and as the balance of trade swings from manufacturing in favour of the service sector, we know that our trade, our service, public relations is one of them. Jewellery made in Birmingham is exported around the world and is renowned for its quality. We strive to do the same with our service. Quality is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our business operates in an alarmingly traditional way; intelligently and thoughtfully representing businesses, people and brands that are at the top of their game. We use technology where we can, and proudly adopt the very latest systems and practices, as soon as others have spent fortunes in refining them into a usable and economically viable state.

Clive Reeves PR staff are hand picked for their skill sets and attitudes, which combine into a team that delivers. We know our clients, their values and the products and services that they offer. The ever present theme is quality. For some of them, delivering their key messages to their audiences is straight-forward. The world’s favourite retailer, our favourite restaurant, all of Europe’s leading tyre manufacturers, Britain’s best specialist educator for children with literacy difficulties, the country’s fastest growing construction company and a hotel which is the first of its brand in Europe.

Other clients turn to us in times of crisis, when our goal is to manage the messages that their public see. Communicating with stakeholders, colleagues and the public to contain a crisis so that it doesn’t escalate into a catastrophe. Our experience is extensive and ranges from accidents, historic wrongdoing by predecessors, turns of the economy and plain old-fashioned bad luck. Clearly we’re not going to explain here just what it is that we do, or who we’ve helped, but our clients are confident in the knowledge that our team are on standby right now with a plan to deal with whatever misfortune might beset them.

We understand what our clients want to achieve, we naturally endorse what they do and we work with them to deliver results. It’s our job to talk them up, to point the spotlight and to make sure that when it’s their turn, they say exactly what they need to. To the people who matter.

Every one of our team understands exactly what each of our clients do. They know all of the publications and journalists who are important, whether they’re working internationally or just around the corner, so we are able to knowledgeably present key messages and coverage that is right on target.

First of all we’ll look at who you are and what you stand for, to make sure that what you do will sit comfortably in our portfolio, after that we will use our skill and expertise to create a plan that will tell people exactly, regularly and consistently what you want to say.

What we do extends right across Europe. Even though we only create in English, our work gets translated into as many languages as you can imagine, so it can influence in as many countries as our clients desire.

We’re big on conversations and we take our remit from clients very seriously, so why not begin a conversation with us? Whether you’re looking for support with your regular every-day communications, or an unexpected crisis has driven you online to find a PR company that might be able to help, please give us a call. We could be the solution you are looking for.