Today is a joy for some as the school holidays begin, but it’s a weekend of mixed blessings for teachers, parents and anyone wanting to use airports or motorways. On one hand you get to hand the little darlings back to their doting parents, but it’s also the day that holiday prices lurch, while aircraft and cars are filled with over-excited children.

We have no advice for dealing with any of this, but I notice from the calendar that none of the team are taking any more time off until August. There’s no parenting going on in the CRPR office, but there is a great deal of education as we help schools deal with the media, and get the good stories heard.

What you don’t see is the work we do with other educational establishments and businesses who are facing a crisis. You don’t see that work because we strive to gain exposure for strategic messaging that plays down any sensationalism. Stories that are delivered with a quiet word, not with a megaphone. We work with journalists to develop stories that tell the truth, without giving the audience undue cause for concern and we work to create communications for stakeholders that explain just what is going on.

Crisis management is all about clear thinking and pragmatic planning that will minimise damage to hard won reputations. We aim to add light, not heat and we’d love to tell you about how we do it, but that’s the other aspect of crisis - confidentiality, so we can’t. We can promise you that if you come to us with a crisis, we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

Luckily, having a child in the car who is too hot, too cold or wanting the loo five minutes after you’ve set off does not constitute a crisis, so please don’t call us for that one.