A British artist who paints using toy tyres and radio-controlled toy cars has undertaken a tour around nine European countries in just four days to create a unique piece of art.

From the Swiss Alps to the German Autobahns, the canals of Venice to the EU Parliaments in Strasbourg and Brussels, ‘tyre artist’ Ian Cook, also known as Popbang Colour, produced a large artwork to mark the formal introduction of the EU Tyre Label on 1st November, commissioned by tyre maker Goodyear.

It took 20 different toy cars and over 100 tyres of different sizes to create the artwork, with 27 colours used – one for each EU member state. The painting will be will be framed and presented to the EU Parliament by Goodyear. The tour began in the UK and visited France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Jens Voelmicke, Director Corporate Communications Goodyear Dunlop MiddleEast & Africa said:

“We have been preparing for the introduction of the EU Tyre Label for five years, educating and informing key stakeholders throughout the industry about what the EU Label aims to achieve.

“We wanted to create a lasting symbol to celebrate the start of this new legislation coming into effect. We asked artist Ian Cook to undertake an exciting four-day challenge to reach as many people as he could. He travelled through nine countries visiting iconic landmarks, tyre dealers, automotive institutes and key Goodyear manufacturing facilities.

“As well as creating an original piece of art, the project succeeded to highlight that tyres aren’t just black and round. Consumers will be able to use the EU Tyre Label to drive their future tyre purchases, allowing them to make an educated choice.”