Hobzy has promised to champion the cause of crafters and stick to the concept of a truly authentic, hand-made marketplace.

The social network for crafters, which has hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world, has announced the launch of its new online marketplace –  Hobzy Bazaar – and will provide solo crafters with a platform to sell authentic, hand-made creations to anyone on the web.

Recently another well-known craft marketplace caused controversy after it announced it would allow its sellers to hire employees and produce items in a factory setting, a move many that has been criticised as moving away from the culture of crafting.

Francesca Stone, community manager at Hobzy, said: “Crafters devote so much time to creating truly unique items and it really is a labour of love rather than a mass production. We are the home of all things hand-made and want to give single sellers who may feel overcrowded, or like they can’t compete in other marketplaces, a space to share and sell their beautiful one-off creations.

“Our new marketplace is an extension of our original purpose and is the perfect compromise for those who enjoy crafting in their spare time and want to make a little pocket money out of doing what they love without giving up the day job. It’s important to us that the culture of hand-made crafts is nurtured and encouraged - and Hobzy Bazaar is the perfect place for this.”

The Hobzy team will provide a Hobzy Bazaar support pack for crafters setting up their first ‘sale’. With no listing fees, automatic translation, currency conversion and shipping calculations, it will be easy for users all over the world to sell and share their carefully crafted wares.

For more information or to join, share and start selling visit www.hobzy.com.