Property development firm Gethar Ventures has announced that Birmingham’s oldest nightclub, Snobs, will move in a £2m relocation that will double its capacity and create new jobs.

The club, which has been frequented by more than 2.5 million revellers in its 41-year run, will move from its current home at the Beneficial Building on Paradise Circus around the corner to Smallbrook Queensway, where Vudu club currently stands, in April.

The move became essential when it was discovered that vibrations caused by the club’s loud music would prove too much for a new development. The Beneficial Building, which was the first pre-cast concrete building in Birmingham, will now undergo a £16m transformation under Gethar Ventures that will see a hotel, apartments, fitness centre and coffee emporium take its place. 

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, Anthony McCourt, founder of Gethar Ventures, said: “The time has come to make sure that Snobs has a future somewhere in the city, because Birmingham would be a much poorer place without it.

“The new club will be of very high quality, but what is important is it will continue to reflect the customer base of Snobs.

“Snobs has a unique following and the guys at Snobs have always been clear they don’t want to lose that.”