Teachers might be getting more than just an apple this Christmas, as a survey by education recruitment consultancy Aspire People finds that 97% are likely to get presents from their students in the final week of school.

But it seems students are getting savvier, with a number of teachers having experienced ‘re-gifted’ presents in previous years, including a chipped porcelain pig, knock-off aftershave, broken earrings and half a bottle of wine.

Among the funniest presents received by teachers was a giant marrow, a plastic Barbie bike, a mug for a rival football team and a pupil’s lunch. Some clever kids may know more than teachers think, with one teacher opening a book entitled ‘I hate other people’s children’ on the big day, another a box of Kalms and one lucky teacher a bottle of wine with a packet of paracetamol.

In a survey of over 100 primary and secondary school teachers, 77% said they were likely to receive chocolate this year, with cards, stationery, mugs and flowers among the other gifts on students’ shopping lists.

Almost two thirds of teachers expect pupils and parents will spend less than a fiver on a gift for their teacher, but they needn’t spend a penny as three quarters would prefer something handmade over a shop-bought gift this Christmas - possibly in a bid to dodge last year’s hand-me-downs.

When asked what their ideal gift would be, primary school teacher Andrew Guy quipped: “If only they could persuade their parents to buy me a proper beer.”

Michaela Powell, director at Aspire People, said: “It’s hilarious to see how little minds work and we’ve been having a good old giggle in the office at some of our teachers’ tales. It’s great to hear how much they’re appreciated and I’m impressed by the sheer ingenuity of some of their students.”