Inta has announced it will develop an app to help installers keep on top of easy money makers such as maintenance visits, after finding that many are overlooking opportunities to boost their business by failing to schedule in routine checks with customers.

A survey by the bathroom product, plumbing and heating manufacturer found that two thirds of installers fail to regularly schedule in a return maintenance visit, but all of those questioned believed these checks could be of considerable financial benefit to their business.

Inta quizzed 100 installers and plumbers at PHEX Chelsea to find out what could be done to support their customers’ growth. The survey found that over 40% leave it up to customers to schedule in a check - which could result in them opting for another firm or failing to reschedule altogether.

The results found that although most currently fail to book in maintenance visits, 84% believed they would do so if they had a service that reminded them when checks are due. On the back of this research, Inta has announced it will develop a service reminder app that will allow plumbers and installers to easily schedule in and keep track of customer checks, enabling them to secure more business from new, existing, and loyal customers.

The survey, which also looked at the growth of filters in the heating world, found that plumbers and installers are increasingly using magnetic and air separation filters to increase boiler longevity, with 84% claiming to have regularly installed these devices in the past year. On top of this, over 70% have received direct enquiries about filters from customers - suggesting that this product family is anything but a slow burner.

Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said: “We regularly undertake customer research so we can stay in touch with the market and ensure we’re making products that are well received by the industry.

“As well as developing innovative products, we aim to provide a wealth of solutions to plumbers and installers - whether that’s providing free educational tools such as our e-learning modules on Part G building regulations, or developing a basic reminder system to help them boost their business.

“We know the daily grind can put paid to even the best intentions at time, but scheduling in maintenance visits is a no brainer and a really easy way to keep the cash coming in. We’re hoping to simplify this oft-neglected process and make their working lives much easier - and more profitable.”

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