Birmingham based consultancy Clive Reeves PR has won a Europe-wide brief from the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA) for a trade campaign that will include multi-language press materials and film.

The Clive Reeves PR team has previously worked on tyre industry campaigns across Europe including the introduction of the EU tyre label in 2012, and for this project will be teaming up with Birmingham film producers Rebel Uncut to deliver a series of short films.

Managing director Clive Reeves said it was another great opportunity for a Birmingham firm.

He added: “We are excited to be appointed by the ETRMA and always enjoy working in Europe. It’s a different approach to communications when you are tasked with delivering key messages that have to survive the nuance of translation into so many different languages. One of the criteria for selecting an agency for projects like this is having native English speakers who are able to create materials that are ready to translate, without the influence of any other languages flavouring  the subtlety of the stories to be written.

“One of the most adaptable and effective ways of telling a story to a diverse audience is through film and we have been shooting in Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands as well as the UK.

“Some of the businesses we encounter in Europe are curious as to why a small consultancy like ours would bother with international work. We have the expertise and experience but the answer is really simple: it’s interesting and exciting and it informs the work we do with UK clients and broadens the horizons and ambitions of our team. And on top of that, I enjoy it, although I say differently when I’m cold, tired and wet at the side of a German test track.”

Part of the campaign will include a film on the service life of tyres and will trace the history of a Birmingham built classic mini which has been in the Reeves family since 1980 and has been in storage for the past 20 years.

Clive added: “Part of the enjoyment of these international projects for me is the opportunity to ‘big up Birmingham’ to people who’ve not knowingly encountered anything or anyone from the city before. People are usually impressed with what we do and make here, and the things that Birmingham is famous for.”

Julia Higginbottom, managing director at Rebel Uncut said: “Digital agencies are working with interesting and diverse projects across the UK and it’s an exciting time for film and TV too, particularly in Birmingham with the return of international-selling productions being shot here. It’s tremendously gratifying to be able to export some of our skills and expertise and bring international business into the city.”

PR by Clive Reeves PR Birmingham