Deliveroo, the online service which delivers top-quality food directly to your door, is keeping the counting assistants at Birmingham’s ICC counting this evening with a delivery of delicious edible treats from its variety of local restaurants.

Off to a flying start, the service, which was officially announced this week, lets hungry users select dishes from their favourite restaurant, pay for them online and have them dropped at their door. Whether it’s a work lunch at the office or an evening meal at home, the site aims to deliver the food in just 32 minutes.

Jacob Lourie, regional manager at Deliveroo, said: “There has been so much hype this election about the party leaders and their campaigns, however the real hard work is being put in by the election staff and counters, who will be working a 15 hour shift today to count the city’s votes. An army marches on its stomach and the counters march on calories, which is why we wanted to reward their efforts with some great food.”

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