Clever city school children became CEO’s of Selfridges Birmingham for the day with the help of Enabling Enterprise.

Year 3 students from Topcliffe Primary School, based in Castle Vale, took part in a fun and educational event held at the luxury department store, in which they had to design business cards for Selfridges workers. The event coincided with the store’s campaign Work It, which saw Selfridges host a variety of fun lunch-time activities to encourage hard-working people in the city to reclaim their lunch break.

The pupils were split into teams and taken on a tour of the unique shopping store with a Selfridges mentor before finally quizzing different members of staff on what they do and what skills they need in the working world.  The teams then worked together to design a selection of creative business cards and present them to a panel of judges, made up of Selfridges professionals.

From business cards shaped to look like the distinctive exterior of Selfridges, to others shaped like their infamous yellow bags, the seven and eight-year-olds delivered a variety of imaginative and innovative designs. After a tough judging session, based on creativity and presentation, Selfridges professionals picked Team D, made up of eight-year-olds Tia Brasron Collins, Mollie O’Toole, and seven-year-old Trei Ford as the overall winners.

Speaking of the winning design, Mike Zatyka, senior associate at Enabling Enterprise, said: “A special well done to our winners today! It was their ability to listen to each other and to clearly explain their design to the judges which gave them the winning edge.”

Pupil Mollie O’Toole, said: “Today has been a really fun day. I wish I could work here.”

Sam Watts, deputy general manager of Selfridges Birmingham, said: “We had such a fun day showing the students around our store and answering their questions. We were so impressed with the creative and unique designs that the pupils came up with and are sure that they are going to become business superstars in the future!

“We’re supporting Enabling Enterprise as we believe it’s a fantastic way to mentor young people and provide them with the skills to have a very successful future in a business environment.”

The event was organised by Enabling Enterprise, a not-for-profit social enterprise set up by teachers to equip students with the tools and techniques needed to do well in the workplace. Selfridges are supporting Enabling Enterprise with their Skills Development in Schools programme, a scheme that encourages students to improve skills such as effective teamwork, understanding branding and presentation skills.

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