A Birmingham hotel is creating a buzz by welcoming some usually unwanted guests into its venue.

Aston University, alongside its residential conferencing venue Conference Aston, has created a ‘bug hotel’, a unique setting designed to accommodate a range of different insects.

‘Buggingham Pallets’ is the first bug hotel on the university's campus and insects are already queuing up to check in.

Built as part of Aston University’s biodiversity strategy, which aims to enhance species and their habitats on campus, the bug hotel has been designed to engage staff and visitors with biodiversity issues.

Staff have helped to build the hotel by bringing in materials from home, including recycled wooden pallets, bricks, twigs and bamboo, and will carry out future housekeeping to ensure all guests remain buzzing.

Sara Wilkes at Aston University’s Environment and Sustainability Department, said: “Buggingham Pallets, fittingly named by our colleagues at the university, is our latest project to help educate our staff and students about the importance of biodiversity.

“The hotel has been created to provide a home for a wide range of bugs including spiders, lacewings and bees - which are currently declining in numbers partly due to the lack of hives in urban areas. By providing a shelter for these creatures, we can help with their conservation, as well as encourage a greater number of beneficial bugs to the campus’ green areas that help with the control of pests.

“The first guest to flutter through its doors was a ladybird, however, word is spreading and many more insects have wormed their way in too.”

For more information on Aston University’s commitment to biodiversity, visit: http://www.aston.ac.uk/environment/policy/

For more information about Conference Aston, please visit: http://www.conferenceaston.co.uk/

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