Birmingham’s largest independent conference centre, Conference Aston, has identified what you should eat ahead of a long day of conferencing and meetings.

Working in conjunction with independent nutritionists, mackerel and egg porridge has been revealed as the ultimate brain food breakfast to keep you concentrating, motivated and full of energy.

By filling up on oats and eggs you are indirectly filling up on a vital nutrient choline, which has been proven to help cognitive performance and improve memory. Oats alone are packed full of complex carbohydrates. These provide slow-release energy to keep you going through to lunchtime while reducing the urge to eat sugary snacks.

If you are a fish lover, then you are in luck. Most oily fish, especially mackerel, are a great source of omega-3, which is a fatty-acid that is essential to a properly functioning brain. Omega-3 fats help build brain cell membranes and encourage new brain cell formation. If you are a vegetarian or simply not a fan of scaley swimmers, then flaxseeds are a also a great source of omega-3.

Paul Bunce, Marketing Manager at Conference Aston, said: “This unlikely trio of ingredients brings together the best of brain food for a not-so-delicious start to the day.

“While we’re not rushing to add this combo to our menu, our world-class chefs will rustle it up for any visitors who want to give it a go. If you fancy all of these ingredients in a delicious and healthy breakfast, we offer a fabulous oat-crusted smoked mackerel with soft-poached free range eggs.”

PR by Clive Reeves PR Birmingham