The Midlands most sustainable independent restaurant will be taking the topic of seasonal and ethical farming from the field to the table in its unique series of ‘Source Dinners’.

Opus at Cornwall Street will be hosting five Source Dinner events, in which Birmingham food enthusiasts can taste the produce, meet the suppliers and hear their compelling stories and history, as well as learn why sustainability is at the heart of everything they and Opus do.

Kicking off the Source Dinner series is the Heritage Potato Dinner on Friday 11th March. Hosted by Lucy and Anthony Carroll of Tiptoe Farm in Northumberland, the dinner will see the potato-pros take diners through the history of the farm and its range of specially-grown Heritage Potatoes, whilst Opus’ chefs cook a five-course dinner that allows the flavours of the produce to shine through on the plate.

In addition to the Heritage Potato Dinner, the city-centre restaurant, which was recently awarded the highest possible rating of ‘Three Star Sustainability Champion’ by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, is inviting food lovers to enjoy a range of different source nights throughout the year. From a Fish Dinner with M&J Seafood to a Vegetarian Dinner with Worcester Produce, a Champagne Dinner with Laurent Perrier to a rare breed Beef Dinner, each night will share the suppliers compelling stories and a chance to enjoy their exquisite produce.  

Ann Tonks, director at Opus at Cornwall Street, said: “Ethical and sustainable sourcing really is at the heart of our menus. Not only does sourcing our produce from great British suppliers mean that we are supporting the local farming and fishing industries as well as reducing our carbon footprint, but we believe there is a direct link between ethical, quality sourcing and the astonishing flavours of the finished dish.

“Our Source Dinners are always popular amongst our guests as they are a unique way of introducing our customers directly to our suppliers. From sharing the interesting tales that farming can bring, to understanding more about the commitment and dedication they put into their produce, we can’t wait to share their passion with our customers.”

For a full list of Opus at Cornwall Street’s Source Dinners, please see below:

Heritage Potato Dinner with Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes - Friday 11th March from 7pm. Ticket costs £75.

Fish Dinner with M&J Seafood - Friday 17th June from 7pm. Ticket costs £75.

Vegetarian Dinner with Worcester Produce - Friday 19th August from 7pm. Ticket costs £65.

Champagne Dinner with Laurent Perrier - Friday 30th September from 7pm. Ticket costs £85.

Rare breed Beef Dinner - Friday 21st October from 7pm. Ticket costs £85.

Each tickets includes an aperitif, a five-course dinner and matching wines. To book, please call 0121 200 2323.  

PR By Clive Reeves PR Birmingham