Inta, manufacturer of heating, plumbing and showering products, has launched a new extensive range of WRAS-approved pressure reducing valves (PRVs).

The collection, which features a wide variety of sizes, has been specifically designed for both

domestic and commercial applications. With static and dynamic pressure control, the range is designed to reduce fluid pressures and maintain the desired level, preventing damage to system components located downstream of the PRV.

Due to the compact design of the valves, which range between 15mm and 54mm, they can be used in areas where space is limited and can be installed either vertically or horizontally. They also come complete with an optional ‘dial up’ pressure gauge to help adjust pressure between 0.5 bar and 6 bar to match the requirements of the system. These are fully adjustable and lockable by the installer to prevent any damaging change.

Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said: “The launch of these new valves, in a number of different sizes including our mini PRV which is perfect for small-space installations, demonstrates Inta’s continuing commitment to providing the most comprehensive range of plumbing and heating equipment in the UK.

“Not only are these valves versatile, they are also easily maintained. The integrated filter is serviceable and with the valves keeping the pressure at a suitable level, there is no risk of a pressure build-up damaging any other equipment.

“Our dial up pressure reducing valves are perfect for use in domestic or smaller commercial applications, but for high flow commercial applications, we also offer a larger valve.”

All the valves within the range operate up to a temperature of 80 degrees celsius and have a max inlet pressure of 16 bar, with the larger valves handling up to 40 bar.

For more information on Inta’s pressure reducing valves or any other Inta product visit or call 01889 272 180. Follow Inta on Twitter at @Intatec.

PR by Clive Reeves PR Birmingham