Feast on a dramatic, Shakespearean-inspired banquet this month (SEPTEMBER) with a Wilderness takeover at Selfridges.

Independent restaurant, The Wilderness, will be taking over The Balcony at Selfridges for one night only, to serve an elaborate six-course meal inspired by England’s famous bard, as part of Selfridges ‘Live + Loud celebrates Shakespeare ReFASHIONed’ festivities.

Diners will be able to indulge in culinary theatre like no other as The Wilderness’ head chef, Alex Claridge, treats literature and food enthusiasts to an array of unusual dishes, including those inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnet 104, an edible poem and even a chocolate skull filled with a bursting cocktail.

Head Chef Alex Claridge

Head Chef Alex Claridge

Drama at the dinner table will continue with the help of smoking mains and balloons that guests will need to pop to taste an exquisitely unique dessert.

This unusual dining experience is just one of many events taking place as part of Selfridges ‘Live + Loud celebrates Shakespeare ReFASHIONed’ festival.

Marking four hundred years since the death of Shakespeare, the iconic Birmingham store is playing homage to the world famous writer through a series of ground-breaking live performances, fashion collaborations, beauty moments and more.

Alex Claridge, head chef and owner of The Wilderness, said: “Our restaurant is a restaurant in the loosest sense of the word, with a dining room designed by theatrical set designers and a menu that aims to tell stories. When we discussed the opportunity to tackle Shakespeare through food and drink, it was just too good.”

Sam Watts, general manager at Selfridges, said: “We want to treat our customers to an authentic Shakespearean experience but with a modern Selfridges twist and what better way to do this then to give them an Elizabethan-style dinner party like no other.  

“Alex and his team are superb in providing a culinary experience steeped in drama and theatre and so we knew they would be the perfect choice in creating a spectacle-filled evening of food and drink.

Sam added: “We’re incredibly excited to be honouring Shakespeare’s life and works and with Birmingham being so close to Stratford, we believe our store is the perfect place to celebrate of most celebrated playwright.”


The Wilderness’ Shakespearean feast will take place on Wednesday 28th September at 6.30pm.

Tickets start from £75 and can be purchased online at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/selfridges-x-the-wilderness-shakespearean-banquet-tickets-27188786392.

For more details about the festival and shows, visit www.selfridges.com  

PR by Clive Reeves PR in Birmingham