British bedding manufacturer Homescapes is introducing its first range of Buckwheat Pillows, a traditional Eastern pillow that is filled with organic buckwheat husks (hulls) in place of fibres or feathers.

Being hailed as one of the best kept secrets of the Orient, the Buckwheat Pillow possesses a therapeutic nature that provides the neck and spine with the proper support needed in order to improve not only a night's rest, but overall health.

People spend at least one-third of their lives with their heads on a pillow, therefore sleeping with the wrong one can be detrimental to both the body and the mind. The husks of the buckwheat seeds, used to fill each pillow, do not collapse under the weight of your head, providing support that a fibre-filled pillow cannot.

The Buckwheat husks also allow for fresh air to circulate throughout the pillow which, combined with its 100% cotton casing, creates a regulated temperature that will keep the head cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Homescapes Buckwheat Pillow

Homescapes Buckwheat Pillow

The Buckwheat Pillow has been used in Japan and other eastern countries to help diminish stress, anxieties, headaches, body tension and even insomnia. The pillow is designed to mold and shape around the head and neck for ultimate support, as it contours the body while sleeping.

Vikram Avasthi, managing director at Homescapes, said: “The science and health benefits behind the buckwheat pillow are exceptional. While Far Eastern countries like Japan and China are already reaping the rewards of sleeping on Buckwheat, it’s still relatively new here in the UK. We are excited to be one of the first to be manufacturing them for British bedrooms.”

Despite its name, buckwheat is not actually a type of wheat. Its seeds are closely linked to rhubarb and sorrel and are eaten as a health food due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content, as well as being gluten free. The husks of the buckwheat are then air cleaned to provide the perfect pillow padding.

The Buckwheat Pillow will be available to purchase from 7th September, with prices starting at £24.99 from


Notes to editor:

Homescapes Buckwheat Pillow

  • Plain and quilted options

  • Heavy weight (normal 3.7 kg, quilted 3.6 kg)

  • Filled with organic buckwheat husks

  • Designed to mold and shape around head and neck for ultimate support

  • Ideal for those who have neck pain or injury and require support whilst sleeping

  • Fits to the contours of your body

  • Encased with a two-zip double layer to keep the filling in place

  • Outer case is 100% cotton anti-dust mite

  • Pillow is fully breathable – will ensure a cool and restful night’s sleep

  • Machine washable casing – remove filling before washing

About Homescapes

A British company, based in the West Midlands and founded by Vikram Avasthi just over 16 years ago, Homescapes has its own manufacturing facilities in the UK, India and a trading joint venture in China.

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PR by Clive Reeves PR in Birmingham