When Dean Bradshaw joined Sheffield truck dealer Phillip’s Truck Services as an apprentice in 1979 he didn’t imagine that he would be promoted to general manager or still be working there nearly 40 years later.

The most important highlight of Dean’s career, which has centred around the Highfield Road site was meeting Dawn, who began working at the company as switchboard operator in 1982.

Love blossomed and the couple married in 1986. They both work for Sherwood Truck and Van, still in the same location where they met and Dean has become Dawn’s boss.

Dawn said: “I still remember meeting Dean for the first time. He was in the workshop in his overalls and I thought he was really nice. One day he plucked up the courage to ask me out and that was it.

“We have three children and the company has always been very supportive. I’ve left a couple of times when the kids were very young, but I’ve always come back.

“Things have changed a lot over that time. When I started it was a job in itself looking after the switchboard, now with technology, everyone can manage their own calls. I moved into admin a long while ago, so I see how technology is affecting the rest of the business too.”

Dean said: “There’s always been a family atmosphere at work, even though we’re part of a network of dealerships. Some people think it might be difficult working with your wife, but we’ve always got on really well and over the years it might have helped that we’ve worked in different departments.

“I’m pleased that I took the apprenticeship route into work. It’s been very rewarding, and of course I met my lovely wife. Every time we take a new apprentice on, I do wonder if they’ll meet their future partner at work and still be together more than 30 years later.”

Sherwood Truck and Van sells and maintains commercial vehicles and camper vans.

PR by Clive Reeves PR Birmingham