With winter fast approaching, facilities managers in care homes, hospitals, schools and colleges will be checking that the boiler rooms can cope with the demands of the coldest season of the year.

Keeping the heating systems in optimal condition ensures that they run efficiently and also helps to control running costs. However, it is the cost of downtime when a boiler fails that could ultimately make managers shiver.

Because boilers are a significant investment for any business, it makes sense to put in place preventative measures to stop a build-up of contaminants, which can lead to sluggish performance, blockages and breakdowns.

Failure to put sufficient practices in place could be costly - with call outs costing around £130 to deal with a commercial boiler breakdown and thousands of pounds to replace parts or even the complete system.

The IntaKlean Maxi commercial range of magnetic filters has been designed to deliver all the benefits you’ve come to expect from an Inta magnetic system filter.

Designed and manufactured by Inta, the UK’s leading supplier to the plumbing and heating sectors, the magnetic filter that protects commercial installations from magnetite buildup, preventing corrosion inside the heating system, thus keeping it free of debris that can cause clogging and breakdowns.

It’s designed and manufactured to be retro-fitted easily and quickly for maximum convenience and, of course, it can also be installed with any new boiler to keep it at peak condition for longer.

Available in 2.5" to 4", and supplied with PN16 flanges, the IntaKlean Maxi commercial magnetic filter range features four 10,000 Gauss magnet.

It also features a manual air bleed as well as a 1" drain plug. With virtually limitless product life and negligible on-going maintenance costs, the magnets can be withdrawn from the filter without the need for draining down making servicing both quick and easy.

When you consider that in schools alone, most spend around 20% of their maintenance budget on their heating systems to make sure they perform well, it pays to be proactive by installing an IntaKlean Maxi to safeguard tight budgets.

Cost savings are also crucial for the NHS. In 2016, it published the Securing Healthy Returns, which identified 35 sustainability measures, 18 of which focused on energy saving that could result in a reduction of energy costs of £21.5 million*. The report also pointed out that good building management was crucial.

Inta offers the IntaKlean Maxi with a 12 year warranty, ensuring you and your building are in good hands this winter.

PR by Clive Reeves PR in Birmingham