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A football studies graduate with an eye for statistics and spreadsheets has been appointed Quality Manager by Guest Truck and Van, the largest IVECO dealer in the UK.

Mark Brooks, a graduate of Southampton Solent University, has been promoted in the company after spending five months working on a project to strengthen processes with one of the company's customers.

The 29-year-old, who lives in Warwickshire, will focus initially on delivering the Quality Management Standards ISO 9001:2015 across all 13 of its Guest Truck and Van and Sherwood Truck and Van locations, as well as progressing the company's commitment to vehicle type approval standards.

Guest Truck and Van’s West Bromwich-based head office and a handful of branches had already achieved the current 2008 ISO 9001 accreditation, but that will need updating before the current standard which will become obsolete in September 2018.

Now Mark, who has a background in accountancy and has also worked in back office functions in the film and video industry, will be responsible for rolling the new ISO 9001 out across the business.

"There are some key changes to the new standards, so it is important that we can meet them in good time before the 2008 version expires,” he said.

“Although each branch works with the same systems, across sales and servicing we work with IVECO and Fiat Professional, so some of our processes have to link to theirs to ensure total quality compliance right across every element of our service.

“I had no hesitation in taking the role when it was offered because over the past few months I’ve been really impressed with its operations and its ethos.”

Managing director Robert Spittle said: “We are committed to achieving high quality standards, for the mutual benefit of our team, our customers and suppliers, therefore, It’s important to keep processes and accreditations up to date. Preparing and updating Quality Management Standards is more than an academic exercise in box ticking, it gives us the opportunity to review our practices and incorporate any new processes and procedures to make sure that each of our branches across the regions works to the same high standard. I am delighted to welcome Mark to the team to further progress this fundamental area of the business.”

PR by Clive Reeves PR in Birmingham