Pupils from Maple Hayes Dyslexia School in Lichfield have delivered an estimated £500 worth of groceries to Lichfield foodbank following a week of collections.

The school raises funds for a variety of good causes each year and collection for the foodbank has coincided with harvest festival.

Headteacher Dr Daryl Brown said: “We are a small school with around 100 pupils, so the huge response to anything charitable from our students and their families always astonishes me.

“We understand that since commencing work in April 2014, Lichfield foodbank has been able to provide the equivalent of 200,000 meals. They tell us that whilst they appreciate this is 200,000 too many, they are thankful that they are able to help everyone who turns to them in need.

“The work of Lichfield foodbank is only made possible through continued support and donations, so we are proud that Maple Hayes has been able to give them what we guess is probably seven supermarket trollies full of basic food."

Each school year group was tasked with filling a large basket and since collections started, several tables in the dining hall have been taken up by the groceries.

Maple Hayes Dyslexia School caters for pupils with specific literacy problems. For more information, visit: dyslexia.school.

PR by Clive Reeves PR in Birmingham