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A Birmingham jeweller is warning buyers to beware of exceptionally good quality fake Rolex watches that are being offered for sale in the city.

Rex Johnson and Sons jewellers on Corporation Street have been asked to value and buy  three imitation Rolex watches on three separate occasions in the past week.

David Johnson who runs the company said: “The quality of the reproductions is remarkable. We have seen three different models, each of them incredibly detailed copies, but each with its own particular give-away flaws. On one, with a blue face, the colour wasn’t quite strong enough. That one also had poor enamel work on part of its bezel. I suspect that the steel strap on that one was a genuine Rolex part, which is a clever trick in trying to deceive buyers.

“The quality of the fakes is really good, which makes them difficult to spot. They have been presented to us in what look like genuine boxes, which could also make them look more like the real thing to anyone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for.

“The people circulating the fakes are asking for about £6,000 for watches that should have a £7,000 second hand value, making them seem like a bargain. If these were dress watches with no particular brand, they’d probably be worth about £300, but definitely not into the thousands.

“It really is a case of buyer beware. Birmingham is a city of jewellery and jewellers and I hate to think of Brummies getting conned by people with fake watches.”

PR by Clive Reeves PR in Birmingham