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Birmingham-based builders’ merchant Logmoor Ltd has taken delivery of a brand new IVECO Stralis 26-tonne rigid truck, thanks to leading UK dealer Guest Truck and Van.

This latest addition to the company’s fleet features a drop-side body with a rear-mounted crane, making delivery and collection of construction materials much easier and less time-consuming.

James Taylor, Group Retail Truck Sales Manager for Guest Truck and Van, explained the benefits of this vehicle.

He said: “Attaching a rear-mounted crane is a major plus for a builders’ merchant because it means offloading on site can be much easier and lead to less heavy manual handling.

“The fixed-grab crane is very agile and is moved using a remote control, and because it’s situated at the rear rather than at the centre, the reach is further so materials can be delivered directly to where they need to be.

“With a superb payload, productivity is increased generally as less time is spent making return trips to collect materials and this means greater time and fuel efficiency.”

As well as a reduction in labour costs and fuel consumption, there is also potentially less wastage on site as materials can get damaged during the initial shift from the kerbside into the site.

Tom Warren, Director at Logmoor, said: “IVECO and Guests have always been good, giving the right combination of vehicle and deal. A rear-mounted crane is a bigger investment, but pays off with improved flexibility and customer satisfaction.”

Guest Truck and Van and Sherwood Truck and Van form the UK’s largest IVECO dealer group with 14 locations across the country, covering the Midlands, South Yorkshire and East Anglia. For more information visit

PR by Clive Reeves PR in Birmingham