In a world filled with hacking, code cracking  and cyber-warfare, British stationery brand Nu: has developed a self-destructing notepad to keep your inner feelings and missile coordinates safe from siblings and enemies.   

The nuclear notepad, Nu: Agent has been developed with secret service agents and is the foolproof place to store your deepest, darkest secrets and confidential data. Holding the likes of MI5 secret intelligence to the crushes of teenage girls, the Nu: Agent is the perfect place to keep your information secure from prying eyes. 

Nu: Agent is equipped with a bulletproof sleeve that can withstand the impact of a 9mm caliber round travelling at up to 358 m/s (1175 ft/s), similar to a Type II bulletproof vest. 

The Nu: Agent implodes if an intruder tries to breach its invisible military-grade security system, that features a special chemical combination that combusts upon contact. The interior pages are made from indestructible stone paper, allowing secret agents on an assignment, or teenagers at swim practice, to store classified information on a waterproof and non-tear surface. Identical paper is used in other Nu: non-self destructing products.

Information cannot be infiltrated by anyone but the owner. The Nu: Agent works to stop intruders in their tracks and only allows access through cutting edge fingerprint recognition. Inspired by the self-destructing messages in Mission Impossible, the Nu: Agent ensures that your secrets are secure.

Sharp, George Sharp, a former MI6 agent, says: “The Nu: Agent is an essential accessory for complex missions. The rise in online hacking is a big concern for the intelligence community as lots of our top secret information is stored digitally. Having a Nu: Agent that only I can access means the information cannot be infiltrated by enemies and will destruct if attempted. I am working with my superiors to ensure that every agent is equipped with one after training.” 

Nu: Agent will be available to purchase today and is available in a range of colours from camouflage to coral.

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