Birmingham-based contractor Colmore Tang Construction is implementing a state-of-the-art top-down construction method to tackle the rising demands on the housing industry. 

The approach, named Work Your Way Down (WYWD), involves the construction of developments by beginning at the top. The revolutionary new approach is being implemented by Colmore Tang Construction on its high-rise residential and commercial properties across the West Midlands.

The current housing shortage in the UK means that contractors are under sky-high pressure to build new properties as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption. By starting the project at the top, WYWD Construction takes up no space at ground level until the last few floors are built. This reduces noise pollution and impact to surrounding buildings, road networks and pedestrian routes.

A study by the NHBC Foundation, published in June 2016 found that 98% of the organisations had used or considered the use of a Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) approach on at least one of their developments in the past three years. 

WYWD Construction has been recently approved after regulatory changes to aerial rights, with Colmore Tang Construction receiving certification to begin this type of development.

Neil Walters, Managing Director at Colmore Tang Construction, said: “This is the future of construction. We are constantly met with demands to build more and more properties at the same time as minimising disruption to the local area. WYWD Construction means that we can tackle these sky-high demands effectively whilst minimising ground space and noise pollution. We can’t wait to utilise this approach across the majority of our sites”. 

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