Pressure vessel manufacturer Zilmet has announced that post Brexit, it will revert to imperial specifications for all of its UK supplied products. The company which is the leading supplier of heating system expansion vessels to the UK market, is best known for its CAL-PRO range.

Zilmet’s distinctive red vessels are a feature of a huge percentage of UK heating systems and will become available from one to 190 gallon capacities, with a maximum system pressure of up to 70 psi. 

Managing director Stuart Gizzi said: “Whilst the metric system was sensible and allowed standardisation of specifications and production right across Europe, there was never any problem when Great Britain worked in pounds, feet or inches. I admit that anyone aged under 50 might find it a bit more challenging working in multiples of 12 or 14 but anything that encourages people to think can’t be a bad thing.   

“The manufacturing change will probably result in a slight price rise, but we expect that this will not exceed a few shillings per unit.”

In another change, customers will be able to specify whether they would like the red, white, or blue finish.