Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre (GLMCC) has launched a £2 million fundraising campaign to help Syrian orphans in the war-ravaged country.

The ambitious target for the Saving Syria campaign has been set by Taskforce GLM, the fundraising arm of the of GLMCC, and comes just weeks after it handed over a cheque for £1.2 million to international humanitarian aid charity Human Appeal.

GLMCC Centre Manager Amer Ijaz said the new campaign follows the Syria Bread Project, which saw them raise enough funds to transport 3,000 tonnes of flour to the country.

It will run until October but it is anticipated that about 80% of donations will be made during the month of Ramadan.

“There are 600,000 orphans in Syria alone and 257 die every day because of hunger and a lack of basic provisions,” said Amer.

“We cannot even begin to imagine the appalling conditions that many of these people are enduring every day and it is the children who are most affected in this warzone. Amid this disaster, we want to offer a glimmer of hope and we are confident that the Birmingham community will come together to help us achieve our fundraising aims.

“It is central to the tenets of Islam that we support orphans and feed the poor, so it is crucial that we continue to help those whose lives have been destroyed by the war in Syria.”

Every penny donated to Taskforce GLM is spent on humanitarian aid. The charity’s 100% donation policy means a £300 donation will provide essential support to a Syrian orphan for a year or will pay for enough flour for 6,000 meals.

The money raised by Taskforce GLM will be donated to Human Appeal, which operates an orphanage in Turkey and has fully-trained staff providing psychological support to children who have lost families and been displaced as a result of the war.

As one of the country's most forward-thinking and innovative mosques, Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre works relentlessly to fundraise and help its community. Along with their 6,000 congregants, Green Lane has spearheaded programmes such as food banks, knife banks, careers advice, and a professional counselling and mentoring service.

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