When you need that cup of morning coffee - or a pick-me-up to deal with the afternoon slump - Selfridges is THE place to head to for Birmingham’s best selection of caffeine-rich hits.

With a plethora of cool coffee goodies, the leading department store has everything a coffee lover needs – including the world’s first colourless coffee - to make it through the day, from breakfast right up to that after-dinner espresso.

Coffee on toast for breakfast? Why not? Selfridge’s exclusive Flat Brew espresso spread - a world first -  is an irresistible alternative to jam, marmalade or chocolate spread. Dark-roasted Arabica beans are combined with cocoa butter, cream and sugar to give a real kick to your morning toast, bagel or croissant.

Fancy a mid-morning latte or cappuccino? Selfridges is the only retailer in the city that sells genuine grand cru Nespresso pods. Whether you like intense, balanced or fruity/flowery aromas - or like to mix it up, depending on your mood - you can enjoy the unique flavour of Nespresso blends. Just add a dash of frothy milk.

If you love the flavour of coffee but want to keep those pearly whites bright, Selfridges Birmingham sells Clear Coffee, the world’s first colourless coffee drink. Made from high-quality Arabica beans and water, Clear Coffee does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilisers, sugars or sweeteners. The concept was developed by London-based brothers who were in search of a coffee alternative that did not stain their teeth. The totally transparent caffeinated creation is said to have a the rich taste of a 'potent cold brew.'


Sometimes, you want a little je ne sais quoi to make that coffee a little more exciting. If you crave extra flavour, it’s time to try Little’s, American-style flavoured coffee with its roots in Finland. Launched by American Henry Little and his Finnish wife Leila 25 years ago, the pair when were inspired by speciality coffee roasters in California who added natural extracts to coffee beans. When they returned to Finland, they began their own enterprise and by the early 1990s were among the top coffee roasters in Scandinavia. The couple moved to England with their children in 1995 and Little’s has grown, now selling a range of ground and instant coffees infused with flavours such as coconut, amaretto, spicy cardamom, and Havana rum.

Grumpy Mule makes coffee with a kick - and a conscience. Its range of ground Fairtrade coffees is sourced fairly and sustainably, ensuring that their growers share in the business’s success. Its smooth Rwanda Musasa is distinctive, with a clean, lemony flavour, while its organic Sumatra Gayo Highlands is smooth, full bodied with underlying herbal notes.

Prefer a refreshing cup of tea? Selfridges Birmingham has it covered. Forget your bog-standard dusty bag, elevate the tea-drinking experience by indulging in a pot of Williamson tea. Renowned for its sustainably managed farms in Kenya, Williamson is a fifth generation tea farmer and producer  with 140 years’ experience. Each tea is grown on a single farm and its range includes Earl Grey, Duchess Grey and a range of rich black teas.

Teapigs has one mission - to get this tea-loving nation enjoying a proper cuppa of real tea. Since it was launched in 2006, it has used whole tea leaves, herbs, berries, spices and flowers to guarantee maximum flavour. Teapigs are a real favourite among the discerning Selfridges Birmingham clientele.

Combining wellbeing with luxury, Niche Tea comprises six teas, each of which is presented in an elegant tea tube. Its natural ingredients are said to improve your skin, digestion, hair, mind, boost your energy levels or get a better night’s sleep.

Whatever your preferred drink - get the kettle on; we fancy a brew.

For further information visit www.selfridges.com

PR By Clive Reeves PR Birmingham