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Leading heating and plumbing products manufacturer Inta has introduced a unique transparent push-fit connector for underfloor heating (UFH) manifolds, which promises to make a complex job much quicker and easier.

Part of the Inta’s brand new ‘PresBloc’ product range, the connector enables installers to be certain that it is properly in place and secure before it is switched on and pressure tested, thus avoiding leaks. Designed as a universal fitting, the connector can be used with any manifold - including polymer, stainless steel and brass.

Inta has also introduced a range of low voltage actuators for UFH manifolds, for which the power consumption is just 1 Watt compared to the industry-standard of 1.5-2 Watt, meaning end users will benefit from lower energy bills.

Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said he was confident these newest products will quickly become the go-to items for underfloor heating installation.

“We are always looking for products that meet our stringent quality standards and that we are confident will make professional installers’ lives easier,” he said.

“We were very impressed by the transparent push-fit connector because it really makes a significant difference to the installation time, while our new actuators are a winner for consumers thanks to the money-saving aspect.”

Inta’s comprehensive range of UFH manifolds comprise lightweight, robust polymer manifolds, stainless steel manifolds, conventional brass manifolds and modular brass manifolds. All have a 210mm centre, making them compatible with industry-standard UK pump sets.

Inta also has a complete range of manifold accessories including ball valves, end groups, eurocones and thermo-electric actuators as well as a ErP compliant pump mixer set, Ecomix, for installations with a heat load up to 15 kW.

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