A former student of Maple Hayes Dyslexia School who has gone on to attain a PhD in biomedical sciences has credited the school for giving him the confidence to succeed.

Dr Eric Pitkeathly, who is originally from Burntwood, near Lichfield, was held back a year in his primary school because his reading and writing were poor, even though his mathematics was above average.

He said being held back a year at his previous school meant he had had a lot to catch up on in maths, but passing exams at Maple Hayes, a Lichfield-based independent specialist school that caters for pupils aged seven to 17 with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties, boosted his confidence.

“Using Dr Brown’s methods helped me to learn to read and write,” said Dr Pitkeathly, whose doctorate is in the physical science of imaging and biomedical sciences and now works as a research associate at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

“Once I was able to pass exams I was able to believe in myself. They started the ball rolling and I had confidence, which was key to my success.”

For more information about Maple Hayes Dyslexia School visit: dyslexia.school.

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