An award-winning illusionist from Torbay is promising a magical time for all when she launches new exercise classes for older people and those with limited mobility.

Anne George, who performed on stage for more than 40 years as Anna Merlina and who is also a trained choreographer and actor, is one of the newest instructors to complete training in Devon for endorsed training provider Move It or Lose It, which offers exercise pioneering programmes for the over 60s.However, the 62-year-old, who teaches dance to children as young as six and runs exercise classes for people in their nineties across south Devon, has promised no magic tricks for ensuring her Move It Or Lose It participants keep fit. Instead, it’ll all be down to fun and proven exercises that help with flexibility, strength, agility, balance and aerobic health.

“There’s no magic formula to keeping fit, but I’m looking forward to launching my classes in October, when I’ll be using what I know from my choreography and entertainment background to create fun classes and exercises that really work for older people,” she said.

Anne, the daughter of renowned magicians Billie and Trevor George who performed across the country before launching the Trevor George Entertainments agency, said she had no hesitation in joining Move it or Lose it, which was awarded £25,000 from Transform Ageing to train 20 new instructors in Torbay and Exeter.

“I’ve been doing more classes with older people over the past couple of years and when I saw that Move It Or Lose It was looking for instructors, I knew it was just what I was looking for,” she said.

“Because I am already an instructor, I went through the fast-track training and learned so much interesting information about how older people can really benefit from the programme. I’ve already held a taster session and was delighted with the feedback, so I’m raring to go and looking forward to starting my weekly classes in Torbay, Paignton and Babbacombe.”

Move it Or Lose It founder Julie Robinson said she was excited to see that the first classes in Devon are up and running.

“Securing the funding from Transform Ageing has meant we’ve been able to sign up 20 new instructors in the Torbay and Exeter areas, bringing new flexible business opportunities to the region and truly inclusive exercise classes,” she said.

“Our classes have a hugely positive impact on people’s lives because it helps them to join a group, enjoy company and keep their body and mind fit. And having people like Anne on board is brilliant because she has the right personality to ensure that the classes are both fun and effective.”

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