Inta, the UK’s leading supplier to the plumbing and heating sectors, has launched an industrial-strength magnetic filter system.

The X-Mag is the all-in-one filter system designed for plant room installations where space is limited and for locations where it is critical that heating systems are kept as clean and efficient as possible.

Introduced at the Ecobuild show in March to huge interest from the plumbing and heating sectors, it is now available to purchase for the first time.

The magnetic filter is designed and manufactured by Inta and features its hallmark quality standards, with multiple inlet configurations and a large filter to capture more dirt.

At just 514mm high and 240mm wide, it is ideal for small spaces, yet its powerful system boasts a maximum inlet temperature of 110°C and 10 bar maximum operating pressure to remove iron, air and dirt from heating system water, keeping it free of debris that can cause clogging and breakdowns.

There are two options: the X-Mag, which is available from 1/2 inch to 2", and the X-Mag Pro, available from 6" to 8" flanged.  

Both are easy to install because no other components in the system need to be disturbed, which reduces the obvious risk of leaks. It also makes it servicing a doddle.

The system features manual and automatic air venting, self-closing venting, a large debris draining valve, a removable filtration basket with a 100 micron mesh to remove fine particles, and magnetic filtration to remove ferrous materials.

Inta has also created a separate accessory pack, which comprises inlet isolation lever ball valves and a stainless steel dosing unit.

Stuart Gizzi, Director at Inta, said: “We are extremely proud to launch this new commercial grade filter for retrofit and new installations. Judging by the feedback we had in the spring when we unveiled it, the X-Mag is a product that has been eagerly-awaited by installers and the trade.

“The beauty of it lies in its simplicity: just isolate the connections to the heating system, add anti-corrosion chemical products into the X-Mag, clean the removable magnets and then put it all back together and simply turn the system back on.

“When it's installed, all the water is filtered in the system because the water pump does not have to be bypassed. It’s a clever piece of kit and like all our products, is designed to improve efficiency.”

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PR by Clive Reeves PR in Birmingham