Birmingham-based contractor Colmore Tang Construction has created a bespoke after-sales team, equipped with the latest tech, to assist over 800 residents simultaneously moving into its first developments.

The specialist team has been set up to provide first-class customer service to people moving into the firm’s developments at No.1 Hagley Road in Birmingham, The Landmark in Dudley and Bridgewater House in Worcester.

Responsible for the seamless handover of the properties to their new owners and tenants, the team is utilising state of the art IT software designed to help residents diagnose and fix issues should they arise. Available in 80 languages to cater for a diverse range of homeowners, the software also includes bespoke videos, created by Colmore Tang Construction, that show occupiers how to operate equipment, such as kitchen appliances and heating controls, in their homes.

Another piece of software - workflow management tool ‘Field View’ - allows contractors and subcontractors to manage any snagging issues efficiently, with mobile apps that show the location, description and images of any issues that have been raised. This cloud-based tool allows Colmore Tang Construction to quickly deploy contractors to resolve any faults.

Working alongside the residential sales department at developer Seven Capital, Colmore Tang Construction’s aftercare team is being lead by Mike Davidson, who joined the company in August 2015 and has a wealth of experience in property project delivery.

“Sometimes getting to grips with new things in your new home can be a challenge at the end of a long moving day. Our new system means that things can be easily explained 24/7 before anyone gets frustrated because they’re not pressing the right button on the microwave.

“Handing over 826 homes all at the same time is logistically very challenging. In an apartment building such as No.1 Hagley Road, it’s physically not possible to have everyone move in with all their furniture at the same time, so we have to manage the process carefully. We also have to make sure that our new tenants and homeowners are comfortable and satisfied in their new properties, and that we’re quick to respond to any queries.

“The two new pieces of software that we’ve chosen to implement have been designed to make our processes as seamless as possible, allowing us to provide quality, people-focussed customer service,” Mike said.

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PR by Clive Reeves PR Birmingham