Hundreds of yoga lovers from across the city gathered for a mass yoga session outside the iconic Selfridges store today to celebrate the body and mind.

Keen yoga enthusiasts of all ages and abilities joined some of the city’s most respected yogis to take part in Birmingham’s biggest ever Yoga Moment so they could feel relaxed and rejuvenated before they started their busy day.

The groundbreaking event is part of Selfridges’ everyBODY project which has been designed to encourage body positivity, celebrate self-expression, and attracted over 340 people from across the West Midlands signing up to take part.

Participants at the complimentary event were expertly guided through balancing chakras to practicing the Reverse Warrior and Sun Salutation by nine yogi’s from Birmingham’s Yoga Sweat studio who took the 20-minute session on all three levels just outside the store.

One participant, Ting Newall aged 31 from Birmingham, said: “I thought it was a really great, energising 20 minute start to the day. It was nice to see such a great turnout of different people too - some next to me said they hadn’t done much yoga before so wanted to give it a try and they enjoyed it too. Everyone was really friendly and it was a different start of the day and made me realise that I need to get back into Yoga, I feel so energised now and like I have achieved something in my day already.”

Andrea Hassett, Owner of Yoga Sweat in Severn Street, Birmingham, said: "Yoga is for everyone, you just have to find the style that's best for you and you'll never look back. This is why we are really excited to be able to work alongside Selfridges and their everyBODY project in bringing a mass yoga session to the centre of the city. It’s given people of all ages and abilities the chance to give it a go and it really was an incredible event to be a part of.”

Adam Hockney, general manager of Selfridges said “The Birmingham Yoga Moment was a fantastic event and we believe is the biggest ever recorded yoga lesson in the city, if not even the West Midlands. There was a great variety of individuals of all ages who took part, from some experienced yoga lovers to complete beginners and it was great to see everyone giving it a try.”

The event was part of the store’s everyBODY project, which is Selfridges’ third in a series of creative retail projects connected to the celebration of self-expression and body-positivity via, and beyond, retail. In 2014 The Beauty project provided a thought-provoking exploration of the definition of beauty and what it means in our society, and last year Agender challenged existing preconceptions of gender in fashion and retail.

PR by Clive Reeves PR Birmingham