The Midlands’ most sustainable independent restaurant has come out in support of the UK’s latest initiative which seriously challenges Britain’s leading food and drink retailers to reduce waste by 20% within the next decade.

Opus at Cornwall Street is championing Courtauld 2025, an agreement set up by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which is asking the UK’s leading food manufacturers and retailers to cut down its food waste by a fifth by 2025.

In an effort to meet the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ - which includes reducing the world’s food wastage by half by 2030 - WRAP is a charity working with the Government to position the UK as a global leader in cutting down food waste. The Courtauld 2025 agreement is an ambitious pledge that is targeting big businesses, including leading supermarkets, and is the first of its kind that aims to usher in a new era for the industry.

According to WRAP, Europe currently wastes 85 billion tonnes of food each year, with the UK as the worst offender by contributing 12 billion tonnes to that total. Costing £19 million a year - as well as being associated with 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions - WRAP states that 75% of this waste can be avoided.

Ben Ternent, executive chef at Opus at Cornwall Street, said: “We all have a responsibility to reduce food waste. Whether you’re an individual, a leading supermarket or an independent restaurant, we need to start thinking long term about our actions and the impact they have on food and our communities. We’re noticing more and more that our customers are beginning to care about sustainable produce and waste, and so we think it’s incredible that WRAP are making big businesses pledge to do something about this and hopefully pass their knowledge on to their consumers.

“The key to reducing food waste lies in purchasing. When you plan your purchasing, only buy food that you will need. For us at Opus, it means understanding the shape of that week’s or day’s business. Our reservations system allows us to understand what customers we will have that week, and our experience allows us to form a good idea of how many walk-in’s we will have.”

Sustainable food supply and minimising food waste is at the heart of everything Birmingham-based restaurant Opus at Cornwall Street does. Fuelled by a passion for fresh British produce, the restaurant changes its menu daily to ensure it takes an ethical approach to sourcing, as well as cut down on potential waste.

“While a daily changing menu may sound difficult for a busy kitchen, it is actually a very natural way to create a menu. We buy fish straight from the harbour each morning, so that we only purchase produce that the fisherman has caught. As with vegetables, we buy quality produce from farmers who are accredited and award winning in their respect for the environment. We don’t care how wonky or ugly the vegetable may look, it’s all about the flavour and these flavours always shine through on the plate.”

Opus at Cornwall Street has been named a ‘Three Star Sustainability Champion’ by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), the most prestigious and highest possible rating a restaurant can achieve. It is the only independent restaurant group in Birmingham to achieve the accolade.

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