Selfridges’ distinctive yellow van is going to be parked by the bull this week (Wednesday, 8th June) as part of the stores celebration of World Ocean Day.

Shoppers and city businesses will be able to find out more about Selfridges’ commitment to reduce plastic waste following its removal of all single use plastic water bottles from its Foodhall and restaurants a year ago, as part of its ongoing retail activisim initiative called Project Ocean, now in its sixth year running.

Visitors will be able to find out more about Selfridges Project Ocean initiative over the past five years including its commitment to not sell or serve any endangered fish within its Foodhall and restaurants and remove all shark-based squalene from its Beauty halls, and also pledge their own commitment to use less single use plastic water bottles.

It is estimated the store has reduced the amount of waste by 400,000 single use plastic water bottles across all four of its stores over the past year. Shoppers have instead been offered alternative solutions to plastic water bottles, including glass and reusable water vessels.

Project Ocean is an innovative partnership with international conservation charity The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and the Marine Reserves Coalition (MRC). With Project Ocean, Selfridges continues its annual commitment to marine conservation by pledging to reduce plastic waste and encourage a meaningful behaviour change in its shoppers around the use of plastic.

Adam Hockney, general manager at Selfridges Birmingham said: “We have invited some of our Birmingham partners to get involved with this project to help amplify and support this important message. Our shoppers are definitely more aware of the environment and sustainability and this was a great move for us 12 months ago. We are proud to celebrate our commitment on World Ocean’s Day and encourage more people and businesses to do the same too.”

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