Our business operates in an alarmingly traditional way; intelligently and thoughtfully representing businesses, people and brands that are at the top of their game. We use technology where we can, and proudly adopt the very latest systems and practices, as soon as others have spent fortunes in refining them into a usable and economically viable state.

Reeves PR staff are handpicked for their skill sets and attitudes, which combine into a team that delivers. We know our clients, their values and the products and services that they offer. The ever present theme is quality. For some of them, delivering their key messages to their audiences is straightforward. The world’s favourite retailer, our favourite restaurant, all of Europe’s leading tyre manufacturers, Britain’s best specialist educator for children with literacy difficulties, the country’s fastest growing construction company and a hotel which is the first of its brand in Europe.

With social media engagement becoming essential for every type of business, our team is practical and creative in delivering campaigns that engage with the right audience. Our graphic and visual content is produced in-house by people who are interested in what they do and are proud of the results.

Other clients turn to us in times of crisis, when our goal is to manage the messages that their public see. Communicating with stakeholders, colleagues and the public to contain a crisis so that it doesn’t escalate into a catastrophe. Our experience is extensive and ranges from accidents, historic wrongdoing by predecessors, turns of the economy and plain old-fashioned bad luck. Clearly we’re not going to explain here just what it is that we do, or who we’ve helped, but our clients are confident in the knowledge that our team is on standby right now with a plan to deal with whatever misfortune might beset them. Read more