Public Relations


PR is about one simple question - how do you talk with the people who matter to your organisation?

We believe this is achieved through intelligent conversation.

Firstly between you and us and then between you and whoever is important to your business.

Through intelligent conversation comes innovation.

Creative campaigns, strategic timelines and bespoke communications help to elevate your brand.

Professional PR gets you in front of the right people at the right time, with tangible results and measurable success.



Based in Birmingham, the city of 1,000 trades and heartland of British car manufacturing, we are at the tip of the UK’s Motorsport Valley. For more than 25 years, our dedicated automotive team has delivered pragmatic campaigns across Europe.

Our drive and passion for the automotive industry has resulted in a recent team expansion to maximise results and impact. Understanding the mechanics of the sector allows us to effectively reach clients’ stakeholders and customers.  

In an unpredictable industry, the Reeves team is equipped to respond, manage and contain any situation at a moments notice, in times of crisis or celebration.   

Being a cloud-based agency, the automotive team is fully capable of hitting the road to manage global accounts and campaigns, taking us to some of the most iconic racetrack and industry events. We have consulted, created, launched, raced, reported and supported the world’s leading automotive brands.


Crisis Communications


At some point, every business will encounter a crisis which will require immediate action. It is the way in which it is handled that will ultimately determine its outcome. In the event that a crisis strikes, it’s the reputation and success of your business at stake.

We can help manage conversations inside and outside of your

business with clear messaging, hard facts and thoughtful statements, to minimise and limit damage.

Being prepared for a crisis is key. We can provide strategic advice, media training and a detailed action plan that can be deployed should a situation arise.