REeves in europe


Our campaigns are carried worldwide and our team is made up of PR professionals, former journalists, photographers, videographers, art directors and specialist social media content producers. For media or trade events we concentrate on providing PR and communications support, rather than event planning or management.

We value the importance of traditional face to face time with our clients as well as exploiting technology for day to day meetings and communications. We routinely plan to be in Brussels once each month, so can easily schedule meetings with prospective new clients.

Our expertise extends to automotive, construction, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and all levels of education.

The Reeves PR team create targeted campaigns and collateral that can be easily utilised across many countries and languages, supporting mostly Brussels-based communications and PR teams to deliver their key messages in the places they need to be.

We work in English to generate interesting, often technical, stories and produce compelling content in words, graphics, video and photos appropriate for traditional, online and social media use.

Our flexible operation allows for our team to work either from Brussels, our client’s local office or from our Birmingham headquarters, and in turn this approach helps central communications teams to deliver consistent messages across all the regions in which they operate.

The support we offer can be on a project or campaign basis, or be for ongoing smaller tasks such as proofreading materials in our native English.